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What is the right age of admitting a child to a Pre-school?

We at The Grammar School believe that the age group of 2 -5 years is by far the most significant period of a child’s life when a vital foundation for its better future can  be laid firmly and undoubtedly is the right age to put him/her into a quality preschool. Good habits/manners learnt and picked up during this crucial phase have a lasting impact on the childs life.
The child develops it own personality and behavior pattern through willingness and spontaneous action at play with other children of his age group in a Preschool. Thus preschooling education during this period can help a lot in growth and learning of the child. It can fulfill the development needs (Cognitive, Physical, socio-emotional etc) of a child to a great extent.

The Grammar School is a humble effort of selfless dedication towards the Early childhood programmes initiated by a team of selfless and dedicated educationists. A sincere effort needs to be made in order to establish more and more quality nursery schools in the near future.

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