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Nursery Admission 2009 (List of Schools and their admission dates)

These days, the tears shed over nursery school in delhi are hardly those of children, but their parents. A battle for nursery admissions has been waging nationwide, and families desperate to get into elite schools with brand names and good reputations are carefully drafting essays, preparing for interviews, jockeying contacts.
The odds of getting nursery admissions done are slimmer than gaining admission to even one of the elite business schools around the world . Recent changes to nursery admissions in delhi have thrown schools and parents into confusion over just how much information they can ask for, or reveal.

The rush for private schools is also because middle-class parents do not even consider government-run schools, present in most neighborhoods in the metros, an option. Also, because there is no transparency in the system, most of the school open nursery admissions and close them without prior information to the parents. We at The Grammar School, maintain a dedicated list of schools along with their nursery admissions dates (opening and closing) and it has been categorized into North, South , East and West in order to avoid any confusion to the parent. The latest list can be accessed from: http://thegrammarschool.co.in/home.htm (click on the ‘registration dates’ tab on the left section of the page) .