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Curriculum / Developmentally Appropriate
Nutritional and Health needs of children
Nutritional Mid day meals are served keeping in mind the Dietary needs of children as per age.
Role of parents and community involvement and participation
TGS (The Grammar School) maintains a roster for parents which you can avail as per the monthly plan of the school. The motive is to inculcate a feeling of participation amongst parents in general and observe what the day to day functioning of TGS is like, participate at a particular session /sessions of the school. The Roster is brought to the notice of the parents on the 1st day of every month via monthly programme and is also posted online.
Monitoring and Evaluation of the on-going ECCE programmes
Our Assessment procedure is based on:
  • Continuous evaluation of our program
  • Activities/Games/Material/Fun worksheets.
  • Child’s portfolio
Also, quarterly assessment is done and shown to every parent in the following months (September, December, March)
Understanding linkages between pre-primary and primary
We at 'The Grammar School' know that Early Childhood Education is an indispensible part of a childs development and that habits/manners formed in these years, would prove to be highly beneficial in his/her primary schooling years. Programmes have been designed to evolve a sense of reasoning/logic in their young minds instead of doing activities in the old fashion of ’rote learning’.
The age group of 2.5 years is by far the most significant period of a child’s life when avital foundation for its better future can be laid firmly. Good habits/manners learnt and picked up during this crucial phase have a lasting impact on the childs life. The child develops it own personality and behavior pattern through willingness and spontaneous action at play with other children of his age group. Thus preschooling education during this period can help a lot in growth and learning of the child. It can fulfill the development needs(Cognitive, Physical, socio-emotional etc) of a child to a great extent.

Our Approach – Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Our main Focus - Eight major domains of a child’s development:
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