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A strong and vibrant infrastructure needs a solid and firm foundation to stand on, which can be provided and ensured by a sound and dynamic system of education alone.
One can surely assume that a good educational setup is truly the foundation of a successful and prosperous nation and the quality and excellence of any such educational programme rests squarely and exclusively on the foundation of its early childhood education system for the age groups 2 1/2 -6 yrs which in our country, needs special attention and planning designed and programmed pre schools.
The age group 2 1/2 – 6 yrs is, by far, the most significant period of a child's life when a vital foundation for its better future can be laid firmly. Good habits/manners learnt and picked up during this crucial period have a lasting impact on the child's life. The child develops its own personality and behavior-pattern through wiling and spontaneous interaction at play with other children of his/her own age group.

Thus, pre-school education during this period can help a lot in the growth and learning of the child. It can fulfill the developmental needs (physical, emotional, social and psychological) of the child, to a great extent. The Grammar School, in this context is an humble effort of selfless dedication to the Early childhood education programmes, established by a voluntary registered organization consisting of eminent educationists and scholars. The Grammar School is fully conscious of the sterling fact that the early childhood education is unquestionably, a critical input for child development which, in a long prospective, serves to provide a sound and strong foundation for the all round growth and development of the child.